Innovative Nail Polish Techniques_ Ombre, Stamping, And More

Innovative Nail Polish Techniques: Ombre, Stamping, and More

Are you tired of doing the same old manicure? Do you want to spice things up but don’t know where to begin? Then it is time to improve your manicure game by learning a few simple yet cool manicure techniques that are creative and good looking. In this article, we will teach you 5 innovative nail polish techniques that are easy to do on your own.

5 innovative nail polish techniques

Before we delve into these techniques, let us discuss the essentials of nail art. You must not only buy nail polish online but also a base and a top coat, nail brushes, and a nail trimmer and buffer. Prep your nails by removing previous nail polish, trimming, and buffing your nails. Furthermore, apply cuticle oil and a base coat. Your nails are ready for a makeover.


To create this effect, we’ll use the sponge technique. This involves applying two shades of nail polish on the angular side of a sponge and dabbing it onto your nails. Repeat the process on all fingernails with the same two shades or different combinations.


Follow the base coat with one coat of your favorite nail polish. For this technique, you should buy nail paint online that is not a peel-off one. After your nail polish has dried apply a top coat and let that dry properly. Now, on a clean stamping plate, apply a different color nail polish on your chosen design, scrape the excess nail paint off, and use a rolling motion to stamp the design on your nails. 

Polka dots

To give yourself a polka dots manicure, you’ll need two contrasting colors of nail paint and a bobby pin. Paint your nails with one of the two alternative colors. You can switch the color for each nail. Let the paint dry. Now, dip the sharp end of the bobby pin in the contrasting nail polish and carefully apply on the nails to create polka dots. Once the polka dots have dried, apply a top coat.


This is by far the easiest technique. Apply a coat of nail polish on your nails. Once the nail polish has dried, place a stencil on the nails. Now, paint over the stencil with your bought nail polish online. While the paint is still dry, remove the stencil. Follow it up with a top coat.


To practice this nail art technique, follow the base coat with white nail polish and let it dry. Once it has dried, apply nail polish to an old toothbrush and flick the bristles of the toothbrush to create a splattering effect. Repeat the process with other colors and follow it up with a top coat.


In conclusion, you can try these 5 innovative nail polish techniques from the comfort of your hair without much fuss. Ombre, stamping, polka dots, splatter, and stenciling are easy techniques that create beautiful effects and can be customized based on your creativity.

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