Pastel Gel Nail Paints

the soft pink or light hued lavender nail colors have caught the eyes. This color palette seamlessly blends the elements of sophistication and elegance.

The Chrome Effect

Yes, 2024 is about Chrome nails. This chic look is versatile and suits all nail lengths and shapes. Chrome Effect Nails are a favorite!

Neutral shades of peach, brown, skin and pinks are in top trends of the year' 24. The sheer elegance and sophistication achieved with this nail look is unmatched

The Neutral Nudes

With the onset of 2024 aura nails have gained momentum; thanks to social media platforms. Incorporating new shades and color combinations, 3D effects creativity with rhinestones make this trend scaling high.

Aura Nails

For all the artistic and creative personalities 3D nail art adds a  major dimension to the nail and manicure trends of 2024

The Nail Art

Press on nails have transformed the nail art and nail polish trains in the progressive 2024. Press on nails are a hassle-free free alternative for an hour-long manicure session.

 Press On Nails