Build Your Own Face Wash: Easy DIY Recipes in Your Kitchen

Beginning 101

They’re cleansers that have a foaming agent, turning sudsy or bubbles as you lather them onto your skin.

Yogurt Facial Cleanser:

All you need is a bowl of yogurt and half cucumber. Blend the ingredients into a fine paste and get that natural glow.

Honey Cleansing Wash

Aloe Vera Gel and Honey can do magic on your skin. Mix the two and apply gently on your skin. Wash after 10 minutes for a softer skin.

Oatmeal And Milk Wash

This exfoliating facial cleanser is a must try for dry skin. It helps to remove the dead skin cells leaving behind a brightened skin.

Berry Wash

The berries in your fridge are rich antioxidants your skin needs. When mixed with curd, this natural homemade cleanser will help remove excess sebum and oil from the face.

Trying Tomatoes

All you need is tomato pulp and a little milk for this cleanser. Apply and wash after 15 minutes for a radiant and plump skin.

Watermelon Cleanser

This is the easiest DIY face cleanse,the malic acid in watermelon works on the skin to exfoliate and help you get rid of the tan. It also hydrates the skin and seals the moisture giving the skin a dewy glow.