Building A Skin Care Routine? Handbook To Choose A Perfect Face Wash For Different Ages.

Let's Begin

Developing a skin care routine that suits your skin type and is age-appropriate can be challenging.As your skin ages, it becomes essential to feed it with the right nutrients for a healthy skin.

The Tweens

Their young nurturing skin can be prone to sensitivity and allergic reactions. Picking a gentle cleanser that contains hydrating hyaluronic acid or ceramides and that won’t clog pores.

The Young Adults

It’s always nice to have a gentle cleanser on hand, especially in the morning when you really only have natural oils. This age group must have a dedicated skincare routine.

The Middle Aged

One must look for anti aging and anti wrinkle properties in their face wash.  Elements like retinol and hyaluronic acid are a great choice.

To Forty And Above

Dry skin is common in your 40s. This means that you’ll want to look for cleansers that are hydrating, and not stripping. If you’re not double cleansing yet, now is a good time to start.

Fifty And Above

Cell turnover slows down as we age, so our skin loses the youthful glow and looks dull.Choose gentle, soap-free cleansers or creamy cleansers with barrier-strengthening and moisturizing ingredients.