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Checklist to Common Ingredients in your Favorite Nail Color


Being extensively used in nail polishes that hold polish together, resin is a type of polymer, meaning it is made of large molecules that string smaller molecules together.

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Solvents are necessary to dry up your nail paints quickly and are responsible for smooth application of the color. Solvents are a key ingredient in formulation of nail polishes.


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As the name suggests, UV Stabilizers prevent your nail color from fading away or changing color when exposed to direct sunlight.

UV Stabilizers

They are the heart and soul of any nail polish. Often the main reason a polish is chosen is the color. Multiple ingredients make up that particular shade. Dyes and Pigments are the color providing agents in nail polishes.

Dyes And Pigments

Micas are the tiny bits that reflect as Glitters or Shimmer in nail color. In varied glossy textured nail paints Micas are one of the vital ingredients.


Added to keep the resin flexible once it’s dry, plasticizers are what help your manicure last longer.


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These are additives that help pigments mix with the resin and solvent, slowing the process of the color settling and separating in the bottle.