The Significance

Color is really important when choosing what makeup to wear as a pro-age woman. Choosing the wrong color can make you look tired and unwell.

The 20s

Every woman should have lipstick that makes her feel totally badass. There’s something so sexy about a badass chick that can guarantee all eyes will be on you.

Shades to Choose

Nude Pinks, Bold Red, and Earthy Browns are a great choice.

The 30’s

In your 30's, you may start to see your lips lose definition, so at this age you should use a lip liner to accumulate.

Shades to Choose

Use the gloss to blend in the liner to help give the appearance of plumper lips, a 3D effect.

The 40’s

While there are no rules to makeup, and you are free to do as you please, there are certain lip colors, look great on all mature women, and therefore are a must-have

Shades to Choose

In your 40s don’t use deep tones or strong colors as they will only age you, instead opt for light or beige toned lipsticks.

The 50s

The best lipstick shade for you will help your complexion look healthy. Choose a color that matches the undertones of your skin.

Shades to Choose

In your 50s and beyond, a sheer peach or pink gloss lip will complement your eyes.

The Takeaway

The right lipstick will make your skin tone appear healthy and more vibrant. Formulas vary tremendously, and the right one for you may have changed over the years.