Comparing the Two: Foaming Cleansers V/S Gel Face Wash 

Facial Cleansers Intro

Cleaning your face is a must. Facial cleansers form the foundation of any skin care regime you adhere to. Face cleansers are designed to thoroughly and deeply cleanse your skin’s pores.

Foam Based Cleansers

There are a plethora of face washes to choose from, according to your skin type. Foaming cleansers are also easy to understand

Lather Properties

They’re cleansers that have a foaming agent, turning sudsy or bubbles as you lather them onto your skin.

Gel Based Face Washes

These face cleansers are completely different from foam Based Cleansers. They’re usually thicker and translucent or lightly colored.

Lather Properties

Gel Based Cleansers only provide a small amount of foam and generally affect a lighter cleansing experience.

Skin Type

The foremost feature to compare the two segments of face washes is your skin type.

Foaming Cleansers

Are best suited for oily and acne prone skin, specifically because of their pore penetrating capabilities.

Gel Based Cleansers

On the flip side, gel based cleansers are a great choice for sensitive skin and dry skin types.

Cleansing And Hydration

Foaming Cleansers are mild on the skin and prevent the moisture from wiping off.

Take Away

Be sure to pair your foaming or gel cleanser with other top-tier skincare products. Facial cleanser alone is not enough to get the skin you deserve. Afterall, great skin comes with consistent skin care.