Apply Thin Quotes Of Nail Polish

The golden rule to make your nail polish last is to apply a fine layer of color. The thicker coats take longer to dry and nail polishes are vulnerable to chipping away.

Find Your Best Formula

Nail polishes are available in varied formulas like glossy, matte, gel based and much more in recent times, no chip formulas are also great for manicures.

The Top Coat-A Saviour

nail paints last longer with top goods. The top coats seal your nail colors which prevent them from chipping away easily. (You can reapply the top coat every 2 to 3 days.)

Try A Shorter Length

A short length to medium length nails are recommended to manage them effortlessly. Shorter nails do not bend easily and are less likely to break, peel or chip the nail paint.

Opt For The Glitter

Shimmer and glitter are recommended because they tend to last longer. Glitters polishes have a thicker consistency and they adhere to the nail well preventing chipping of the color

Care For Your Nail Color

Everything requires appropriate maintenance and care so are our Nails and nail paints. Having a routine in maintaining them will keep your nails shiny and colorful.