How Have ancient cultures impacted The Nail Paint Industry?

Fashion trends also played a significant role in the cultural influences of nail technology and application.

Fashion Trends And Nail Colors

The nails were seen as a way to complement and enhance one’s overall style, and were often coordinated with clothing and accessories.

The Vitals

In ancient cultures, the style and care of one’s nails were heavily influenced by social status. The upper classes often had their nails painted with elaborate designs and bright colors, while the lower classes were more reserved in their nail care practices.

Nails And Social Status

Nail polish was invented as a way to add color and shine to the nails. Initially, nail polish was made from natural materials such as beeswax, egg whites, and vegetable dyes.

The Emergence Of Nail Paints

Manicures were marked as a revolutionary step of self care in the ancient cultures amongst women. The nails were cleaned, trimmed, and filed, and then painted with elaborate designs and colors.

The Birth Of Manicures

 French Fashion: French fashion played a significant role in the cultural influences of nail paints and manicure technology.

The Influential French Culture

 French fashion was popular for their elaborate fashion, and their beauty practices were often imitated around the globe.

Popular Around The Globe

The invention of synthetic materials led to the development of modern nail polish which have been part of our today's fashion forward lifestyle.