Know Your Lipstick: 8 Ingredients that Goes in Making of a Perfect Lipstick


Oils make 60% of any lipstick; from castor oil to mineral oils they make the application sheerer. They moisturize, are smoother, and dissolve the coloring agents and solvents into your lipstick.


It is the shape holding ingredient in lipsticks. The core ingredient of each lipstick is wax which contributes to the base of lipstick to enable its easy application.


Pigments are necessary to provide the lipstick’s desired color, and they are classified into 2: organic, and inorganic.

Preservatives and Antioxidants

Lipsticks are not products you can use for a very long time. The ingredients of lipstick can degrade with time, hence the adequate mixture of antioxidants and preservatives is crucial to extend the shelf life.


Alcohol or glycol is often used as a solvent for both oils and wax in lipsticks.


Since the oils, colorants, and waxes included in the Ingredients of lipstick can emit their smell, adding a specific amount of fragrance to it can help you to keep the lipstick smell pleasant.


The chemical that gives chillies their heat is added to some lipsticks to make the lips swell slightly, giving them a plumped-up look.


Derived from fish scales, this gives the lipstick pearlescent sheen