Skincare 101: Day And Night Face Wash Routine

A Quick Talk

Having a skincare routine isn't just about cleansing your face, it is also about hydrating your skin, taking care of any skin concerns and protecting it from elements.

Morning Skincare

Prepares your skin for the day by removing dirt and oils accumulated during sleep. It should also add moisture to your skin barrier and help protect your skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays and pollution.

Morning Skincare Elements

Starting with a cleanser that works for your skin type. Next, is the toner but stands optional. Add up your spot treatment (if any). Further, serum for a radiant skin.

Key Element

Moisturizer for hydration and lastly, sunscreen to protect from the harmful UV Rays.

Night Skin Care

Going to bed with a fresh face also allows your skin to repair itself as new skin cells work hard to repair skin damage. Removes gunk left from the day and adds moisture to the skin.

Night Skin Care Elements

Begin with a cleanser to remove all the dirt. Toner for hydration. Further, apply Spot Treatment and rejuvenating serums.

Key Element

Retinol and Eye Cream are a must in night care routine. Lastly, a night cream for damage repair.


A skincare routine helps clean, hydrate, and protect your skin from the polluting elements. Both day and night time skin care routine is a must for healthy glowing skin.