What's Cruelty Free?

Cruelty Free Nail Paints are curated without providing damage to our furry friends like rabbits or rats. Thus making them ethical and moral in terms of use.

Vegan- A New Term

Vegan makeup products are ones that don't include any animal derived ingredients. Therefore, cruelty free and vegan are different terms in nail paints.

PETA Approved Nail Paints Brands

The agency for animal protection have luckily approved a list of brands that make your cute nails beautiful without supporting tests on animals. Yes, it's easier than you think.

Brands that make Sustainable Nail Polishes

Among the List of approved nail paints by PETA are L.A. Girl, Halo Taco, NCLA and Pacifica that are working constantly in creating a sustainable makeup environment. ( Don't forget to check out the brands!)

Be aware of what you buy

By purchasing cosmetics from companies that do not test or derive animal based ingredients, you are in turn elevating the demand for cruelty free and vegan nail paints and creating a rich makeup environment for generations to come.