Band- Aids to the Rescue

Not for medical reasons, but for an at home French Manicure. Band- Aids have a perfect half moon shaped edge to create a perfect French Manicure Nail Art at home.









Create a Splatter Nail Art with a Straw

 his is the coolest way to show off your artistic skills. All you need is a straw and a bunch of your favorite nail paints to create the magic.

Sponge to create a marble effect

Another hack for your nails is to apply different tones of Nail paints on a sponge and dabbing it gently on your nails will create a 3D marble effect.

Green Leaf

Scotch Tape for Geometric Designs

Geometric Designs are easy to make with Scotch tapes. Simply apply the Scotch tapes in desired patterns and apply a coat of nail polish. Once dry, remove the Scotch tape and Voila effortless manicure in no time.

Quickly dry off your manicure with Ice Water

Soaking your freshly painted nails in ice water for a couple of minutes can dry off your manicure in a jiffy.

Rhinestones to elevate your Nail Color

Still simply applying a boring nail color? Create an enhanced manicured look with a variety of stick-on rhinestones or stickers and create eye-catching nail art.

Apply Petroleum Jelly to Clean the Mess

Once done applying your nail paint; excess nail color around the cuticles can be easily removed with the help of a moisturizer or petroleum jelly. You can always use a Q-tip to do the same hassle-free.