Using your Face Washes the Right Way: For Long Lasting Effect

Why Face Washes?

Your face is exposed to wind, sun, dust, and other polluting elements throughout the day. This makes your skin dull and are the building blocks of skin issues.

Using Face Wash Correctly

Washing your face correctly is an essential step in any skincare routine. It is equally essential that you use the right products to clean your face thoroughly.

Use The Right Face Wash

Different skin problems such as acne or dry  require a dedicated face wash. It is important to know the ingredients and concerns before using a face wash.

Hot Water A No

Never use hot water for your face. Always opt for lukewarm to cold water for a soft and supple skin.

Right amount Of Product

Use a pea size portion of the face wash. Too little or too much will hamper the after effects.

Be Gentle

Abrasive cleaning will take away the essential oils from skin. Be gentle and pat dry with a towel once done washing your face.

Complementary Elements

For an amazing skin, skin care must be backed by serums, toners and moisturizers for effective results. Let alone face wash won't do the magic.