What has changed- Evolution of Nail Polish Trends

The Classic Era

Nail polishes have their roots from ages. The compositions might have changed, but the purpose stands strong. The classic era of nail paints, had minimal color options but carved a niche amongst women.

The New 1900’s

Nail polishes began to take its current form in the 1920’a when the fashion industry was under revolutions of modern brains. At that time, Hollywood starlets and fashionistas popularized the concept of nail polishes to a significant level.

The Mid 1900’s

Another transformation in Nail polish was marked in the mid 1900’s when women's outfits, jewelry and overall staging in the real world was gaining momentum. Nail polish was coordinated by manufacturers to match their lipsticks. Therefore, pinks, reds and coral were all popular.

The Late 1900’s

Late 1900’s were a blessing for the modern fashion industry. Women of this era were experimenting largely with their fashion senses. Black, shimmery and classic pinks and reds were their first choice among nailpaints. Metallic nail paints carved their niche in this era and still remain popular among various segments.

The Early 2000’s

The classic French Manicure Nails and the trend of manicures gained momentum in this era. The changing century, led to significant transformation of fashion forward lifestyle and created an urge amongst women to look perfect at all times.

The New Age Nail Polishes

Women have left no stone unturned to enhance their nail paints. Modern age of fashion, nail paints have become gel based, artistic and a luxury. Nail arts are a popular choice amongst all female demographics. The trendy and unique nail arts are considered to be a vital parameter of one's looks.