What's the Best? Matte V/S Glossy Nail Polishes - A Complete Comparison

The Chipping Factor

Glossy Nail Paints tend to chip away easily to that of Matte style nail paints. Matte finish nail colors are less prone to chipping and smudging.

The Coat Application

Glossy Nail Polishes require a couple of coats for the perfect finish while Matte Nail Paints are set in single coat finish making them the new talk of the town.

Drying up Time

When in a hurry, matte nail polishes are a perfect choice as they will take seconds to dry up; glossy nail colors require some time to dry up completely thus keeping you waiting.

The Right Finish

Nail Polishes are subject to personal preferences. If you are someone who adheres to the classics, glossy nail polishes are your companions. On the flip side, if you like it modern and edgy matte nail paints are definitely for you.

The Lifestyle Considerations

If you are someone who works with their hands alot and likes to be polished with their hands, matte finish nail paints are perfect and a practical choice for you in comparison to glossy nail colors.

Occasion Friendliness

Matte Finish Nail Paints are great if you want to add a touch of sophistication to your overall look. They blend in seamlessly with casual events or formal dinners or work meetings. Glossy nail colors are inclined towards formal gatherings.