Liquid Matte Lipstick

What is a Matte Liquid Lipstick?

Lipsticks are among the most crucial parts of a woman’s lifestyle. From an early age, it becomes the best companion of the women for any occasion. But what itches the most is how often you have to retouch the layer of the lipstick and how inconvenient it is to carry the lipstick wherever you go.

This is where the Liquid Lipstick comes to your rescue. You can’t possibly imagine the wonders a liquid lipstick can do to your looks. It can help bring attention to your lips and make your face look beautiful, even when your face does not carry any makeup.

However, as tempting as it may sound to learn about liquid lipsticks, have you heard about the Matte Liquid Lipsticks? They are a game changer for your lip routine. It starts as a liquid but as it dries, it gives a matte look to your lips, giving your face a boost of glow.

Although it is not a new invention, finding the right matte liquid lipsticks can be challenging. BellaBloom Cosmetics offers you the best range of top-quality liquid lipstick online. Explore our exclusive range and get the most suitable shades for yourself.

Solid Lipsticks v/s Liquid Lipsticks

Ever since we’ve heard about lipsticks, it has always been the solid sticks that people use. But guess what? Liquid lipsticks have been revolutionizing the industry at a great pace.

While the traditional solid lipsticks and liquid matte lipsticks share the same purpose, there are some significant differences between the both:

  • Texture: While stick lipsticks have a creamy, emollient texture, which smoothly glides on the lips, matte liquid lipsticks are lightweight and dries down to a velvety matte finish.
  • Application: stick lipsticks are applied directly from the bullet, while the liquid ones are typically applied using a doe-foot applicator or a brush for precise strokes.
  • Wear Time: traditional lipsticks usually have a shorter wear time and can feather or bleed over time. However, liquid lipsticks are designed to stay for a longer period and are transfer-proof.
  • Finish: Stick lipsticks are available in diverse finishes, such as cream, satin, and matte. Liquid lipsticks at the same time provide a true, flat matte finish.

Want The Best Liquid Lipstick Online?

One thing that women find challenging is finding the right shade for themselves. If you are also one of those, we are here to help. At BellaBloom Cosmetics, we have a wide variety of Waterproof Liquid Lipsticks that perfectly complement your skin tone. Our range of lipsticks includes various shades including nude browns to pretty reds.

To buy liquid lipstick shades online, check out our top-quality range now. We at BellaBloom have kept our customers in consideration and have worked tirelessly on the quality of our products along with their costs. Our products are available at the most affordable price and are easily accessible to everyone, whether you are a student or a working professional.

Steps to Apply BellaBloom’s Liquid Matte Lipstick

The liquid matte lipsticks at BellaBloom are available in small cubic boxes with an applicator that gives the perfect shade in one stroke. With our flawless lipsticks, getting a flawless matte lip look is a breeze. Follow these steps to get the finest, long-lasting finish:

  • Prepping the Lips: To apply BellaBloom’s liquid matte lipstick, start with cleaning and exfoliating your lips. Use a lip scrub or a soft toothbrush to remove the flaky skin, ensuring a smooth canvas for your lipstick.
  • Line up and just fill: Then, use a lip liner matching with your lipstick shade to outline. It helps prevent feathering and ensures crisp, defined lines.
  • Apply the Matt Liquid Lipstick: Using the applicator, apply the lipstick in thin, even layers, starting from the centre of your lips and working towards the edges.
  • Let it Dry: Allow the liquid lipstick to dry down completely before pressing your lips together or adding additional layers. This usually takes approximately 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Set with Powder (Optional): For extra longevity and to help mattify the finish, you can lightly dust a translucent powder over your lips using a fluffy brush.
  • Correct the Mistake: It is normal to make mistakes while applying any makeup product. If you make any mistakes while drawing the outlines, you can cover up the lipstick colour using a concealer or a cotton ball dipped in a makeup remover.

Why Choose BellaBloom’s Liquid Matte Lipstick?

BellaBloom Cosmetics is one of the renowned skincare brands in India that offers a wide variety of shades to beautify your lips. Our products are comfortable, lightweight and extremely affordable. They can last for hours without smudging or feathering and provide a rich colour to your lips. We are among the leading beauty brands in India to buy liquid lipstick online for every skin tone. Explore our exclusive range of lipstick shades and get the best ones for yourself.

  • Extensive Shade Range: With a vast range of shades to choose from, we at BellaBloom offer a liquid matte lipstick for every skin tone. From bold reds to sultry plums to subtle nudes, find your perfect match with us.
  • Long Lasting Formula: Our lipsticks are formulated to withstand a longer duration. With the highly pigmented formula, they won’t budge, feather or transfer, making you look flawless for hours.
  • Comfortable wear: Despite the impressive staying power, The formulation is very comfortable to wear. It is lightweight and the non-drying formula won’t leave your lips feeling parched or tight.
  • Intense Pigmentation: Our lipsticks contain a highly pigmented formula that delivers rich, opaque colour in just one swipe, allowing you to achieve a bold and striking lip look.


Can we use BellaBloom Liquid Lipstick daily?

Definitely yes! Bellabloom’s Liquid Lipsticks are designed for daily wear and are suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events. Its comfortable and non-drying formula makes it a practical choice for daily usage.

Does the BellaBloom Cosmetic’s Liquid Matte Lipstick stay for long?

 Yes, BellaBloom’s liquid matte lipsticks are formulated to provide long-lasting wear, ensuring your lip colour remains vibrant and intact for hours on end. With their transfer-proof and waterproof properties, these lipsticks are designed to withstand eating, drinking, and even kissing without fading or smudging.

Is BellaBloom’s Liquid Matte Lipstick transfer-proof?

Yes, one of the standout features of BellaBloom’s liquid matte lipsticks is their transfer-proof formula. These lipsticks are designed to stay put on your lips without transferring or leaving unsightly smudges on glasses, straws, or your significant other’s face. To Buy transfer-proof Matte Lipstick Online, explore our extensive range now.

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