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Every month, a woman goes through menstrual pain, cramps, itching, and so much more. But one thing that can make you feel a little relief, is finding the right sanitary pads. Sanitary pads, also known as sanitary napkins or menstrual pads, are absorbent products worn during menstruation. They come in various sizes, shapes, and absorbencies to accommodate different needs and preferences. 

At BellaBloom Cosmetics, we believe every woman deserves access to products that cater to their unique requirements. That is why we have curated a diverse selection of sanitary pads catering to different flow levels, sizes and even specialised features like wings and ultra-thin designs. Explore our exclusive range of sanitary napkins online.

Buy Sanitary Pads Online at BellaBloom Cosmetics

At BellaBloom Cosmetics, we understand when it comes to menstrual care – it is not just about the necessities but about the luxury of having products that meet your needs and desires. Thus, we designed our sanitary pads with remarkable features that will make you more comfortable during your monthly period.


One of the most important criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing the right sanitary pad is its absorbency. Our pads have super absorbent cores that quickly trap fluids thereby avoiding leakages, helping you stay dry and comfortable all day. No matter what you require, a light flow, a normal flow or even a heavy flow, we have all you expect.


Along with better flow, our sanitary pads have more breathable material to ensure that your skin stays dry and fresh all day long. It is time to forget that awkward, clammy feeling like other pads and embrace the dry and cool comfort of our sanitary pads.


Hygiene is always a crucial factor when it comes to menstrual products and due to this factor, we have ensured that our sanitary pads are as soft as possible. Sewn using smooth and non-abrasive materials, our pads are incredibly soft on the skin so you do not have to worry about your skin being rubbed red or irritated.


Our sanitary pads come with wings to enhance the pads’ security and fit according to body shape. These wings embrace your undergarments by encircling them and ensure that the leaks do not occur on the side.

Odour Control

Most women prefer to be discreet during their periods. Our sanitary pads have odour control technology that helps keep periods a secret. It assists in eradicating all the undesirable smell which in turn makes you feel comfortable all day.

Why Shop Sanitary Pads online at BellaBloom Cosmetics?

At BellaBloom Cosmetics we are dedicated to giving you the best shopping experience while offering you all your feminine products requirements. When it comes to buying sanitary pads online, you’re selecting for quality, comfort and most importantly, health. We offer carefully picked sanitary pads and napkins that guarantee you only the best. We understand all the females are different and that is why there are so many variants available to meet all the needs of the women for all kinds of flow. Our competitive sanitary pad prices mean you don’t have to compromise on quality for affordability.


How often should I change my sanitary pad?

It’s recommended to change your sanitary pad every 4-6 hours, or more frequently if you have a heavy flow. Always change your pad first thing in the morning and before going to bed.

What absorbency level should I choose?

Choose your absorbency level based on your flow:

  • Light flow: Panty liners or light absorbency pads
  • Medium flow: Regular absorbency pads
  • Heavy flow: Heavy or super absorbency pads
  • Overnight: Extra-long or overnight pads

Can sanitary pads cause allergic reactions?

Some people may experience allergic reactions to certain materials or fragrances in sanitary pads. If you notice irritation, try switching to BellaBloom’s pads.

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Sanitary Pads Bubble Soft Ultra XXL 320mm

Sanitary Pad Dry Net ULTRA XXL 320mm

Sanitary Pads Basic 280mm

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