A Look at the History of Nail Polish and Its Evolution

A Look at the History of Nail Polish and Its Evolution

Nail polish is one of the basic beauty regimens of contemporary makeup, and has a very colorful history that has lasted for millennia across several cultures on earth. Nail polish has undergone significant change as far as ingredients, application techniques, and cultural significance are concerned. This journey through time shows how nail polish morphed from a symbol of power and prestige to become a general fashion trend and form of personal expression.

The fascinating history and evolution of nail polish

If you love to buy nail polish online then you would be fascinated to learn the humble beginnings of nail polish and how it has evolved.

Ancient beginnings

The earliest records of nail polish are from 3000 BCE China. In this period, nail polish was made from a mixture of natural ingredients, like egg white, gelatin, and beeswax. We then go forward in time to Egypt in 1300 BCE. During this era, Egyptian women were recorded sporting nail polish that highlighted their status in society. While women of higher status wore darker colors, women of lower status wore lighter colors. Even Cleopatra engaged in this practice, however, with a royal twist. She would dip her nails in a henna that was bloody red.

The modern era

If you enjoy going to a nail salon every so often then you must thank Mary E. Cobb, a French woman who opened the very first nail salon in the last 19th century. She even went on to invent the emery board, which is used to file and buff nails. Fast forward to the early 20th century and the practice of painting nails has become extremely popular with Cutex launching the modern version of nail polish. In 1920, Michelle Menard launched Revlon, a cosmetic house that sold nail polish in more than one shade.

By the 1940s and 1950s, nail salons started popping up in major cities around the world. Then in 1957, after breaking his nail at work, dentist Frederick Slack combined aluminum foil and dental acrylic to fix his nail. This invention was later patented by Slack and his brother and is now known as acrylic nails. Soon, other inventions in nail tech revolutionized the market as well, such as gel nail polish, long-lasting nail polish, and chip-resistant nail polish that were free from harmful chemicals.

Cultural impact and trends

In recent years, nail paint has transcended gender norms with men and non-binary people expressing themselves by buying nail polish online and using them. The advent of social media has also resulted in an explosion of intricate nail art.


The history and evolution of nail polish is absolutely fascinating. From a symbol of luxury to a means of self-care and expression, the evolution of nail polish is indicative of broader societal trends and social advancements. So, if you love to buy nail paint online then this rich history should only solidify your love.

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