How to Apply Liquid Lipstick Properly?

How to Apply Liquid Lipstick Properly?

Known for its rich pigmentation and long-lasting matte finish, liquid lipsticks have become a staple in many makeup routines. However, applying matte liquid lipsticks is never easy. Many people tend to struggle with uneven coverage, dry flaky finish, and smearing. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to perfect liquid lipstick application.

Tips for flawless liquid lipstick application

Did you just buy liquid lipstick shades online but don’t know how to apply them properly? If yes, then follow these tips for flawless application-

Exfoliate your lips

One of the biggest faux pax a first-time liquid lipstick wearer can make is applying liquid lipstick to dry cracked lips. Applying liquid lipstick on cracked, flaky lips will make the cracks on your lips more visible and cause you to touch up the lipstick constantly. To exfoliate your lips, mix a spoonful of sugar with coconut water and rub it on your lips at least twice a week. Once you have exfoliated your lips, wash the mixture off.

Apply lip balm

On clean, smooth lips apply a generous layer of your favourite lip balm. You mustn’t skip this step before applying a waterproof liquid lipstick. The balm will keep your lips hydrated and moisturised for a long time. You can choose a lip balm with SPF for better protection.

Line your lips with a concealer

Let the balm sit on your lips for a couple of minutes before moving on to this step. Although this step is optional, it makes a world of difference. Applying a single layer of concealer on your lips before applying the liquid lipstick gives the lips an even base for smoother lipstick application. It adds more definition to the lips for bolder and brighter lip colour.

Line the outline of your lips

Choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick shade and draw the outline of your lips. This step is crucial and helps prevent the matte liquid lipsticks from bleeding out of your lips. After drawing the lips with a lip liner, you can use a small angular makeup brush to buff the edges for a more natural look.

Apply lipstick with a lip brush

Now, your lips are ready for the liquid lipstick. While applying Bellabloom liquid lipstick less is more. It is 0advised to build on the intensity layer by layer. Start with a thin layer of the lipstick. Apply the first layer of lipstick starting from the bottom lip. Position the lipstick brush near the center of your bottom lip, then move outwards. We recommend using a lip brush instead of an angled lipstick applicator because the lip brush offers more control and precision application.

Carefully apply the lipstick along the edge of your bottom lip. Purse your bottom and top lips together to transfer some of the color and then apply lipstick to the top lips as well. Let the lipstick dry completely before adding another coat of liquid lipstick. If you don’t want the color payoff to be super intense then one layer should suffice.

Fix mistakes with a cotton swab

It is normal for a liquid lipstick to smudge or feather during application. There is no need to worry when that happens as you can easily clean the mess off. The easiest way to fix the mistake is by dipping a cotton ear swab in makeup remover and gently using it to clean the smudge. You can also fix this issue with a concealer. Simply dip a small makeup brush in the concealer and paint it over the smudge.


Liquid lipstick application can pose several issues. However, with the right application and procedures, you can achieve flawless lips with each application. Hopefully, this guide was able to elucidate the steps for long-lasting, even liquid lipstick application.

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