Paint Your Nails PERFECTLY at Home!

Paint Your Nails PERFECTLY at Home!

Painting your nails at home can be a fun and relaxing activity. Many people buy nail paint online for the sole purpose of winding down their day with this relaxing activity. However, painting nails is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes it can appear too streaky and sometimes it is applied so poorly that it starts flaking. To avoid this and achieve the most perfect set of painted nails, read our guide.

How to paint nails at home?

Are you tired of painting your nails poorly after buying a nail polish online? Then follow these steps on how to get perfectly painted nails at home-

Assemble your materials

Before you start working on your nails, assemble your materials on a flat service. You’ll need the nail polish or polishes of your choice, cotton pads, nail paint remover, q-tips, top and base coat, cuticle pusher, nail filer and clippers, cuticle oil, and a nail buffer.

Prepare the Nail Bed

Remove the old nail paint with the nail paint remover. Generously cover a cotton pad in nail polish remover and use that to rub against the nail paint. The nail paint should come off easily. Slightly buff your nail beds one by one with a nail buffer. Although this is an optional step, it can be very helpful. Buffing the nail bed makes the surface of the nails smooth for even nail paint application.

Shape Your Nails

Once your nails are clean, use nail clippers and a nail filer to trim your nails and define their shape. Start by clipping the nails and then use a filler to smoothen the edges.

Apply a Cuticle Oil

After your nails have been trimmed properly, soak your hands in warm water for a couple of minutes. This softens the cuticles. We need to soften the cuticles because then it is easier to push them back. Cuticles can cause unevenness, therefore, they need to be pushed back and trimmed. Once the cuticles are soft, use a cuticle pusher to push the cuticles back. If you have a lot of cuticle skin, then carefully trim it with cuticle clippers. Then let your hands dry for a few minutes before applying cuticle oil to the nail bed and the skin around it. This moisturizes the nail bed. 

Paint A Base Coat

There is a lot of conflicting information about applying a base coat before nail paint. Some people swear by it while others think it is an unnecessary step. In our opinion, you shouldn’t skip on a base coat ever. Base coat not only helps hydrate and protect the nails but it also prevents the nails from chipping. Additionally, it stops the nail paint from staining your natural nail bed.

Apply Nail Polish

Let the base coat dry completely before applying the nail polish to your nails. Start applying the nail polish with a thin layer at first. Let it dry before moving on to the final coat. It is not advised to apply a thick layer because that causes streaking. Always ensure to buy high-quality nail paint online for impactful application.

Clean Up Edges

If you painted the skin around your nails, then fix this mistake by dipping a thin nail brush in nail paint remover. Gently use the paintbrush on your skin to avoid removing the nail polish on your nails.

Apply Top Coat

Finally, apply your favorite top coat. Top coat is a great way to add glitter or sparkles to your nails as well as lock in the color and prevent chipping. Once the top coat is dry, your nails are done.


In summation, remember to clean and shape your nails properly before applying the nail polish, and use the base coat and top coat before and after applying the nail polish respectively for a glossy, even finish.

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