Best Lipsticks for Indian Skintone

Best Lipsticks for Indian Skintone!

It is a difficult and long process to find the right lipstick for your lips since every attempt may not be successful. This happens as the finish of the lipstick varies from one individual to another based on different factors such as complexion. This post will suggest some attractive shades of lipsticks for Indian skin tones and also give tips on how you can select the perfect lipstick that matches your skin color.

For fairer skin tone

Here are our top choices of lipstick shades for people with fair skin-

Soft pink nude lipstick

If your skin tone is fair, then you must look for a soft pink nude liquid lipstick online. The softness of the pink shade is delicate and complements fair skin tone beautifully. The subtle hint of color enhances the natural contours of the lips for a natural, subtle, and understated look.

Bright red lipstick

For those who have a light skin tone, bright red is a timeless option for lipstick. This shade of red is vibrant and audacious, bringing out the skin’s color while making the wearer appear more confident and charming.

Soft brown lipstick

If you wish for a lipstick that is warm, subtle, yet sophisticated, then a soft brown lipstick is perfect for you. This shade adds warmth and depth to fair skin complexion.

For medium skin tone

Here are our top choices of lipstick shades for people with medium skin tones-

Warm beige nude lipstick

Do you wish to buy liquid lipstick online in a nude shade that matches your medium skin tone? Then you are in the right place. We recommend buying warm beige nude lipstick as it creates a natural yet professional appearance. This shade is the optimum combination between subtlety and sophistication, making them suitable for everyday use.

Cherry red lipstick

This lively and cheerful cherry red lipstick shade is perfect for people with medium complexion as it is a versatile yet charming color that goes along with different settings, from casual to formal.

Cinnamon brown lipstick

This brown shade has deep and warm undertones that are suitable for both day and nighttime. This subtle yet sophisticated lipstick is slightly more intense than a traditional nude but perfect for people with medium complexion.

For deeper skin tone

Here are our top choices of lipstick shades for people with deep complexion-

Chocolate nude lipstick

Chocolate nude lipstick looks beautiful on people with deeper skin tones. The subtle shade of brown in this lipstick only adds to your natural beauty. This shade is super adaptable and perfect for all occasions.

Plum lipstick

If you wish to wear lipstick that is sultry, sublime, intense, and adds a dash of drama to your personality, then opt for a plum lipstick. The plum shade compliments dark skin tones in professional and informal settings.

Burgundy lipstick

Are you looking to buy liquid lipstick shades for that special occasion? If so, then you should definitely buy burgundy lipstick. The thing is, wearing such kind of lipstick adds some glamour and luxury to the way you look during that time of the day or night.

Tips to get the perfect lip shade for your skin

Follow these tips to pick the right shade-

Understand your undertone

To know your undertone, place a white cloth against your skin. If your skin appears yellowish, then you have warm undertones. If it appears bluish or pinkish, then you have warm undertones. 

Consider your natural lip shade

If you have pale lips, then pinkish-nude shades are perfect for you. If you have naturally pink lips, then red shades work for you. And if you have pigmented lips, then deeper shades, like browns offer optimal coverage.

Choose a complementary lip liner

The lip liner should either be a close match to your lipstick or should be slightly darker. It can also match your skin for a natural effect.


Opting for the perfect lipstick that matches your skin tone is a great way to bring out your natural beauty. This article has been able to provide you with lipstick examples that may work for you and also important tips on how to choose the right shade.

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