Lipstick Color Trends for Every Season

Lipstick Color Trends for Every Season

Fashion trends and different seasons are changing with a blink of an eye. With the increase in new fashion trends everyday, thanks to internet access and social platforms, have led to a revolutionary change in the overall personality and social life of people. To focus further, fashion nowadays is not only about your outfits or accessories, it takes into consideration a lot of factors. In the current scenario, fashion choices are greatly influenced by your makeup and lipstick color choices. 

Talking about the various seasons, the stylish summer or cozy winters every season comes with unique fashion trends that make you stand out from the rest. Wearing complementary colors to the season is a playful and exciting way to update your look. 

For the same, matching your lip makeup look to the season of the year is like an unspoken rule that our community of beauty lovers totally agree with. Let’s talk about different lip shades trends for different seasons. 

Summer Shades: 

The lazy days of summer have less rules in terms of shade selection and give you the opportunity to experiment with a full range of different types of lipstick color and finishes. Nudes are a great option for sun-kissed skin,lighter hues of  pink with a hint of shimmer is the anthem of summer for your lips.

Lipstick tones such as a burnt orange is flattering for most skin tones and will instantly illuminate your face. It injects a lively flush of color and is a more wearable sunny alternative to red lipsticks.

Spring Season:

We usher in spring with lighter colored clothing with floral patterns and, usually, complimentary colors that represent newness. Pastels are a beautiful choice for spring flings. One should look for pinks, mauves, and bright berries in this season.  

Additionally, for women who prefer natural peachy-toned lipsticks, opt for a coral hue that will give you a radiant and dewy glow in the blooming season. 

Fall/ Autumn Season:

A season for the senses, autumn is when temperature drops and the leaves tend to change color. Deeper enigmatic lipstick shades such as burgundy or red wine are perfect choices for the season. 

Darker earth tones and a gorgeous matte finish are as much a match for fall as pumpkin spice lattes and changing leaves. Brick reds, browns, and muted, earthy mauves are the shades of the season. 

Winter Season:

The most anticipated season of the year. Winter is a time for celebration and thanksgiving. Feel warm and cozy with bold splashes of bright red and dark maroon that makes you party ready. 

The holiday season is exciting. Seasonal lip colors are fun and have the ability to create looks you might not normally wear. Deep berries are essential for winter, and they work for both casual and formal events.

To sum up, there are some consistent trends when it comes to lipstick: a bold red lip remains a timeless classic, and a sheer, natural lip always deserves a place in your everyday routine. Also, perfecting these eternal looks is a part of signature style  but keeping up with seasonal lipstick trends can prove harder to stay on top of.

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