Perfect Skincare Routine

Perfect Skincare Routine | Ultimate Step By Step Guide

Healthy, glowing skin is no longer just about genetics. Anybody can achieve healthy, bouncy, bright, and glowing skin by committing to a thorough skincare regimen. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or a combination, with a comprehensive skincare routine you can avoid several skin issues, like eczema (for dry skin) or acne (for oily skin).

For decades, people with drastically different skin types used the same products. This was purely due to ignorance. However, the tides have changed since then. Thanks to social media apps, like TikTok, a conversation around personalized skin care routines has started. This conversation has highlighted that we need to pay a lot of attention to the products we use and the ingredients present in them.

In this comprehensive skincare routine guide, we are going to explore the benefits of a skincare routine, dry skin care routine, oily, and combination skincare routine, along with common mistakes made while creating a skincare routine.

Benefits of a Skin Care Routine

The skin is the largest external organ in the human body. Its role is to protect our internal organs from harmful bacteria and organisms. Not only this, it plays a vital role in synthesizing vitamin D from the sun and also regulating our body’s temperature. Furthermore, our skin is a reflection of our internal health. For instance, indulging in foods rich in fats and sodium can result in lifeless, pale skin.

Due to the extent of the role skin plays in our day-to-day functioning, it is only reasonable that our skin asks to be pampered. Pampering can mean different things for different skins. For some, it means having an elaborate skincare routine while for others simply keeping the skin clean and moisturized is enough. Whatever your skincare routine may be, following it daily can benefit you in the long term in the following ways-

  • Removes harmful bacteria and pollutants from the skin.
  • Keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day.
  • Reduce premature signs of aging.
  • Aids in the removal of dead skin cells.
  • Acts as a barrier between your skin and the sun and environmental pollutants.
  • Restores firmness and texture to the skin for an even skin.
  • Boosts collagen production.
  • Help clean pores.
  • Helps avoid sun damage, like blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

Best AM/PM Dry Skin Care Routine

Follow this dry skin care routine to avoid dry, flaky skin-


You must cleanse your skin twice. Once in the morning and once before bed. People with dry skin are advised to look for cleansers or face wash online that are gentle on the skin and have hydrating ingredients, like aloe vera. The cleanser should effectively remove dirt and excess oil from your skin without drying it out.


Once your skin has been cleansed, apply toner on your face and around your neck. The purpose of using a toner is to hydrate the skin, remove excess first, exfoliate, and restore the skin’s pH balance. For dry skin, look for toners with hydrating ingredients like glycerine and hyaluronic acid.

Exfoliator (PM)

Exfoliate your skin with a chemical exfoliant at least once a week. You must exfoliate only at night. The purpose of an exfoliator for dry skin is to remove dead skin cells stuck in the pores. While some exfoliants are supposed to be washed away, others must stay on throughout the night. Therefore, read the instructions on the bottle.

Spot Treatment (PM)

Spot treatments are anti-inflammatory products applied to dry skin for treating acne breakouts or blemishes. Ensure that the skin is dry and clean before applying the spot corrector to your skin. Opt for spot correctors with retinol if you have dried skin as it reduces dryness and irritation. Spot treatment is optional and should only be done at night.


Serum must be applied to the skin and neck after toner (and exfoliation). It plays a crucial role in the dry skin care routine. It hydrates, moisturizes, and creates a shield on the skin to protect the skin from pollutants. For dry skin, it is advised to look for a face serum online with antioxidants, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, peptides, or AHAs and BHAs.

Eye Cream

The skin under our eyes tends to be more sensitive. Therefore, it requires extra care. An effective under-eye cream, when applied twice a day, stops people with dry skin from developing wrinkles and fine lines around their eyes. Look for under-eye creams with nourishing and collagen-boosting ingredients like vitamins B, C, and E, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid.

Face Oil

If your skin is susceptible to drying during the winter or summer, then a face oil can really help. Applied after serum and before moisturizer, face oils with antioxidant ingredients like vitamin E help keep the skin hydrated for a long time.


Moisturizer is the last step of a night routine and the second to last step of a morning routine. A good moisturizer protects the skin from external pollutants and helps the previous products in doing their job. Effective ingredients for people with dry skin are- glycerine, ceramides, and peptides.

Sunscreen (AM)

Applying sunscreen is the most critical step in a good daytime routine. Sunscreen stops the skin from drying out due to sun damage and helps reduce signs of aging caused by exposure to the sun. Whichever sunscreen you choose, apply it at least 10 to 15 minutes before leaving your house.  

Best AM/PM Oily Skin Care Routine

Follow this oily skin care routine to control excessive oil production-

Oil Removing Cleanser

People with oily skin are prone to acne. This happens because the oil clogs the pores with dirt and dry skin. Therefore, people with oily skin are advised to wash their face with a strong cleanser at least twice a day. It is advised to not wash your face often as it can inadvertently lead to more oil production. While looking for a face wash online opt for a gentle cleanser with surfactants. This helps remove excess sebum from the skin. Apply the serum and massage it for at least 30 seconds to a minute.


After rinsing the cleanser, pat the face dry with a towel. Pour some toner on a cotton pad and then apply it all over your face and neck. Toner is highly recommended for people with oily skin. It helps remove leftover dirt and sebum from the skin. Toners with exfoliating acids like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid are perfect for people with oily skin. You can use toner twice a day but especially at night.

Exfoliator (PM)

Oily skin can benefit greatly from a chemical exfoliant. You should exfoliate twice a week and only at night. Chemical exfoliants like salicylic acid, lactic acid, and glycolic acid help remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.


People with oily skin are prone to lipid peroxidation. Lipid peroxidation is a process where excess sebum causes premature aging and exacerbates acne. In this case, look for a face serum online with vitamin C or niacinamide. Vitamin C is recommended because its antioxidant properties reduce the risk of lipid peroxidation whereas niacinamide cleanses the pores. Aside from these serums, you can buy face serum cum moisturiser by BellaBloom. These two-in-one serums provide hydration and protection similar to a moisturizer.  

Oil-Free Moisturiser (PM)

Retinol-based oil-free moisturizers work wonders for oily skin. It targets acne and premature aging, two major concerns of oily skin people. Furthermore, it promotes collagen production and stimulates skin cell turnover. Since retinol is sensitive to the sun, this moisturizer is meant to be used at night. If you want to use a moisturizer in the morning, you can opt for hydrating, oil-free moisturizers.

Sunscreen (AM)

In the morning, after using a retinol-based cream at night, it is essential to wear sunscreen. Any lightweight, oil-free sunscreen that is hydrating for the skin is perfect for oily skin. We recommend opting for a mineral-based sunscreen (zinc) or a broad-spectrum chemical sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Best AM/PM Combination Skin Care Routine

Follow this combination skin care routine for healthy, even skin-


People with combination skin have to tackle oily and dry skin at the same time. In such cases, you can buy BellaBloom’s Aloe vera Foaming face wash online. This cleanser with aloe vera are gentle on the skin. These cleansers are hydrating yet effective at removing dirt and sebum. You must cleanse your face twice a day for maximum benefits.  


Follow the cleanser with a moisturizing toner. Toner helps balance our skin’s pH balance. Additionally, it removes sebum and trapped dirt that the cleanser was unable to remove. Make sure that the toner is alcohol-free.

Exfoliator (PM)

Exfoliate twice a week with a chemical and physical exfoliator combination to remove dead skin from dry areas. Lactic acid is highly recommended for people with combination skin as it is gentle on the skin.

Face Mask (PM)

Once per week, opt for a clarifying and hydrating face mask. The mask should focus on unclogging the pores and removing dirt and dead skin cells from the skin.  


People with combination skin types should use serums that hydrate and nourish the skin. Serums with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin C are perfect for combination skin as they are great at soothing dry patches of the skin whilst simultaneously controlling oil production.


Serum should be followed by a generous layer of moisturizer at night and in the morning. You can opt for a lightweight moisturizer in the morning and an emollient-rich, hydrating moisturizer at night. Moisturizers with ingredients like glycerin, ceramides, and peptides are highly recommended.

Sunscreen (AM)

Finish off your morning skincare routine with sunscreen. You mustn’t skip this step because direct sun exposure can dry out the skin, leading to hyperpigmentation and dark spot formation. Sunscreens with zinc and SPF greater than 30 SPF should be applied on the skin and neck, 15 minutes before leaving the house.

Common Skin Care Routine Mistakes

Here are some common skincare routine mistakes everybody makes-

  • Applying skincare products in the wrong order.
  • Exfoliating more than once a week.
  • Not wearing or reapplying sunscreen.
  • Not washing your face before bed.
  • Rubbing skin often.
  • Not cleaning makeup and skincare applicators regularly.
  • Ignoring your neck while applying skincare products.

How To Choose The Right Products?

The beauty industry is saturated with skin care products. While the end goal of all of these products is to help you achieve beautiful, healthy, and even skin, they do so in different ways. Meaning each product have different ingredients that focus on solving different specific skin issues. Therefore, to develop a dry, oily, or combination skin care routine you need to find the right products that cater to your skin goals. The following tips can help you do the same-

Understand your skin type

Understanding your skin type is the most important aspect of choosing the right skincare products. Incompatibility between skin types and skincare products is a major cause of poor skin. In some cases, it can even exacerbate existing skin issues. For instance, acne can be triggered by using products meant for a combination skin type.

To understand your skin type, wash your face with a cleanser, pat your face dry, and leave the skin unmoisturized. If your skin appears shiny, you have oily skin. If your skin starts to become tight and flakes, you have dry skin and your skin does both you have combination skin and if it does neither you have normal skin.

Identify your skin needs

Once you have identified your skin type, start assessing your skin needs. Are you concerned about frequent pimples? Do you want glowing skin? Are you concerned about wrinkles and fine lines? After assessing your needs, it becomes easier for you to identify products that are good for your skin type and to resolve your skin needs.

Focus on ingredients

Read the labels of the skincare products carefully. If you notice ingredients like fragrance and formaldehyde, then do not use the product. While fragrance irritates the skin, formaldehyde is a carcinogen that can cause an allergic reaction. Also, avoid products with dyes in them. Instead look for ingredients glycerine, retinol, and niacinamide. These ingredients keep the skin moisturized, stimulate collagen production, and control the production of oil. 

Conduct a patch test

Our skin is unique to us whereas skincare products are get for a wide audience. To assess whether a product is right for your skin, you must conduct a patch test to avoid allergic reactions on your face. For instance, if you purchase a Lighten Face Wash online use it on a small portion of your forearm or neck. Wait for 24 hours and monitor for redness, inflammation, or itchiness. If none of these symptoms appear, then you can apply the product to your face.

Consult a skincare professional

If you are struggling with persistent skin issues despite following the above tips, then you must seek professional help. Skincare professionals, like dermatologists, beauty consultants, and estheticians would be a good choice to identify the underlying cause of your skin woes. These skincare experts can recommend personalized skincare routines based on their knowledge, experience, and judgment.


In conclusion, we learned today that a skincare routine prevents premature aging, protects the skin from environmental pollution, and fulfills basic skincare needs. We understand that skin care must be customer based on skin type for the best results. Since it is better at addressing skin issues and achieving skincare goals. Furthermore, the importance of evolving our skincare routine emphasizing to meet our changing needs and goals.

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