Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

8 Steps Simple Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

Dry skin may feel scaly, itchy, tight, flaky, or a combination of all these. Dry skin can feel annoying and may be caused because of external factors like harsh chemicals, sun damage, pollution, or internal damage like stress or genetics. No matter what the cause is, it can be difficult to handle and leads to discomfort because of cracking of skin on the legs, arms, face, or any other body part. But the good news is that a good skin care routine can be the solution to the problem. Let us see what this skincare routine for dry skin looks like:

Daily skincare routine to maintain dry skin:

One can always follow a fixed dry skin care regimen to take care of his or her skin and make it soft. The basic steps to follow for a dry skin care routine are given below:

Step 1 – Cleansing

Whether you are following an oily skin care routine or a dry skin care routine, cleansing is essential. Make use of a hydrating cleanser so that it does not get exposed to bacteria and lead to infections. It clears away all the grime and dust deposited on your skin and makes it less vulnerable to infections. While choosing a cleaner, make sure it has hyaluronic acid, one of the finest ingredients for dry skin.

Step 2 – Face wash

You need to look for an excellent face wash online and purchase it. You need to give your skin an extra boost so that it stays healthy. The experts recommend using a face wash to clean your skin completely without harming the pH balance of your skin. So, after you are done with the cleanser, make use of a face wash and remove all the stubborn dirt accumulated on your skin. You can look for an exfoliating Face wash for your dry skin. Look for alpha-hydroxy acids known as AHAs, to smooth your skin gently. Or you may purchase a good alovera foaming facewash online and use it at your convenience.

Step 3 – Toning

Toning is essential if you have dry skin or if you are following a combination skin care routine. It helps in restoring the pH of your skin and tightens the skin pores. This reduces the chance of germs penetration. While purchasing a toner, look for an alcohol-free toner that will not dry out your skin. Look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, and glycerin. It adds moisture and locks in hydration.

Step 4 – Target

It is important to target a particular skin problem, which in your case is dry skin. Make use of a hydrating product like a serum consisting of pure hyaluronic acid. While purchasing face serum online, make sure it has the essential ingredients suitable for your skin type. It facilitates intense hydration and leads to improved flexibility of skin. This reduces the appearance of pigmentation and as well as wrinkles.

Step 5 – Moisturize

This is one of the most essential parts of your skincare routine for dry skin as it keeps your skin nourished throughout the day and prevents it from breaking out, cracking, or becoming excessively dry. A good thing about moisturizers is that you can reapply them throughout the day. For your morning routine, look for lighten face wash online. It will keep the skin softer, smoother, and more pulp. A good face moisturizer for your dry skin must contain B vitamins such as niacinamide. It helps in balancing skin texture whether you have wrinkles or acne. It helps to fade spots, reduce redness, and restore skin evenness. You can always purchase a buy face serum cum moisturiser from BellaBloom and use it during the night.

Step 6 – Facial Oil

Just purchasing a face serum or moisturizer online will not do the job. You must apply facial oil after you have used your moisturizer and serum. It helps add hydration. You can use it on day or night or both. For daytime choose a light oil, and for night time look for richer and heavier options. Consider face oils having antioxidant ingredients such as Vitamin C or Vitamin E. 

Step 7 – Protection

Make use of a high-quality sunscreen that will shield your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and will thus prevent complexities that come along with sunburn like flaky skin and tanning. 

Step 8 – Overnight mask

A night skincare routine for dry skin is important. You will need to purchase a decent Face serum, and then make use of a nourishing face mask for your dry skin. It is the final step in the regimen to lock in all the powerful ingredients. It regenerates the natural skin cells and hydrates skin while you sleep. It gives your skin the extra boost of rejuvenation and moisture.


To make sure your skin is in good condition, avoid spending too much time on the skin. Consider wearing sunglasses and hats for extra protection. Also, drink plenty of water to prevent dry skin. However, while purchasing products online, make sure to purchase them from reputed brands like BellaBloom.

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