Points To Consider While Choosing Your Sanitary Pads

Points to Consider while choosing your Sanitary Pads

Period is not only about those five days. It is a bigger phenomenon. With the fast forward lifestyle, women will move heaven and earth in order to feel comfortable during that time of the month. 

When we talk about periods, the first thing that comes to our mind is sanitary products.

A woman goes through a lot of mood swings, cravings and tiredness at that time. Not only do they require rest and their favorite chocolates to calm themselves, but approved sanitary napkins to handle their periods hassle free. 

What are Sanitary Pads? 

For the uninitiated, sanitary napkins are rectangular pieces of absorbent material that are stuck to the underwear to absorb menstrual flow. They are leak proof. 

Sanitary pads are easier and more comfortable to use as they are simply stuck onto the underwear without requiring any sort of insertion. 

Check out the Aura Flow Bubble Soft Sanitary Pads that will provide you with the right comfort, softness and great absorbency for night. 

But have you ever wondered what point you should consider while opting for a sanitary pads packet among the plethora of options. 

We have curated a hands on guide for you about the same. Let’s Dive In! 

Material of the Pad:

The material of a sanitary pad affects its breathability and overall comfort. Look for pads made from breathable materials, which allow air circulation and help prevent irritation. Aura Flow Sanitary Pads are designed with utmost care to provide the much needed feather-like feels. 

Absorbency Levels of the Pad:

The primary function of a sanitary pad is to absorb menstrual flow effectively. If your flow is light to moderate, thinner pads with lower absorbency levels might be suitable. On the other hand, for heavier flows, pads with higher absorbency are recommended. In context, Aura Flow Sanitary Pads are  a perfect choice! 

Comfort Quotient of the Pad:

Comfort is of utmost importance during menstruation. Pads should be designed to move with the body, minimizing discomfort and providing a secure fit. Some pads come with flexible wings that help prevent side leakage and keep the pad in place. Aura Flow Sanitary pads with a soft top layer provide a gentle and comfortable feel against the skin.

Size of the Pad:

Sanitary Pads come in varied size options to suit different body types. Such as regular, XL, XXL and ones for the night. The size of a sanitary pad plays a crucial role in providing comfort and preventing leaks. Aura Flow Sanitary Pads also come in different variations for a comfortable experience. 

Lifestyle Considerations:

Sometimes wearing a pad not only depends on the flow and body type but also on the activities you do. You must wear pads according to the nature of your daily activities or activities that happen to fall on the days of your period

Trial and Error:

Remember that finding the perfect sanitary pad may require some trial and error. Take up small packets in order to check what suits you the best. 

Cost of Sanitary Pads:

Looking for value for money as well as a good performing product is important. Pads are available in a variety of pack sizes and the product cost ranges from Rs 5 per pad to Rs 12 per pad. With Aura Flow, you get the best performance sanitary napkins at an economically effective range. 

First Time Tip:

If it’s your first time buying sanitary pads, avoid the synthetic kind, since its harsh & chemically infused base can irritate your delicate area. 

Having said all of this, keep in mind that you have to pick what is the best fit for your body, and not follow what works for someone else.

At Aura Flow, we want to give women the care and love they want.You will fall in love with  Aura Flow Sanitary Pads once you start using them. We provide sanitary napkins that are rash free, feather soft layers, heavy flow protection, advance technology for superior absorption, Extra absorbent gel sheets, and a secured comfort fit.

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