Tampons Vs Sanitary Pads_ What's the better Choice

Tampons Vs Sanitary Pads: What’s the better Choice?

In the modern era, Periods are not a new term to anyone. The monthly menstrual cycle is the reminder for ladies that their bodies are doing great. We accept that periods are uncomfortable and painful, but this natural process can’t be controlled by anyone. 

For making you feel comfortable during your periods, numerous sanitary products are available online and in the market. Depending on the female needs, sanitary products such as pads (Checkout Aura Flow Sanitary Pads), tampons, menstrual cups, period underwear are available in all sizes and shapes. 

Focusing on the two of major sanitary products, i.e., sanitary napkins and tampons. Let’s compare both! 

What is a Sanitary Pad? 

Sanitary Pads have been a popular choice among women since ages. Sanitary pads are rectangular pieces of absorbent material that are stuck to the underwear to absorb menstrual flow from the vagina.

Aura Flow Sanitary Pads are designed for the women on the move. They are cotton soft, comfortable and rash free. With no harmful chemicals added, these are a perfect choice amongst the various period products. 

What is a Tampon? 

Tampons are small plugs with the absorbent part made out of cotton, rayon or both of these materials. 

Advantages of Sanitary Pads 

Pad is preferred in a heavy menstrual flow:

Changing a pad is more manageable than inserting a tampon. The heavy flow requires frequent changing of absorbents. In such cases, a pad is preferred.

Also, Aura Flow Sanitary Pads come in varied sizes to suit your needs. 

Pad ensures no risk of TSS:

Unlike tampons, pads are quite safe to use. There is no risk of developing Toxic Shock Syndrome. 

Disadvantages of a Pad

You can’t swim in a pad:

Pads are not water friendly. One has to abstain from water activities when wearing sanitary pads. 

Pads are bulky and visible:

Under tight clothing, pads are prone to visibility which makes you look shabby. 

Pads can shift to places:

When doing vigorous activities, pads are prone to shift and the chances of leaking and staining increases. 

Advantages of a Tampon

Size of the tampon:

One of the major advantages of tampons over pads is their size. Tampons are small and travel-friendly as compared to pads. You can throw in a tampon even in your clutch or your pocket, and you are good to go!

Tampons are Swim Friendly:

You can swim with tampons. Pads aren’t swim-friendly. One cannot swim or do any other water activity wearing a pad. A tampon outshines a pad and can be used freely in such cases.

Tampons are invisible. One of the major concerns of women or girls wearing pads is that they are visible under tight clothing. Under such conditions, a tampon is better than a pad. It can be easily adjusted if you are wearing something tight.

Disadvantages of a Tampon

Tampons may cause vaginal irritation:

Tampons are more likely to irritate your vaginal area than a pad. It can dry out your vagina quite quickly. Usually, it is not recommended to use a tampon overnight if you feel irritated.

Tampons can cause the risk of having Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS):

A tampon can do colossal damage to your body by increasing the risk of developing TSS. It is a sporadic but life-threatening disease. In this disease, a bacteria that overgrows outside your vagina can cause infections.

Tampons cause difficulty in insertion:

Unlike pads, inserting a tampon can be quite challenging for some women. You can follow the instructions written on the box or use the applicator. If you are doing it for the first time, it might be difficult for you.

To conclude, there is no clear winner in the discussion of tampons vs sanitary pads. Choosing a tampon or a pad is a personal choice. We have just listed some differences between pads and tampons. 

You can choose whatever fits your preferences. If you are planning a beach vacation or swimming, you can opt for a tampon or if you want to play safe, you can choose Sanitary Pads from Aura Flow. Whatever you choose, make sure to use it correctly.

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